I love candles, and you probably do too, so we have something in common already! I love the way they have the ability to transform an everyday environment into something amazing, something different, something….better! I am also a consumer, and when I buy something, I want it to be the best quality for the best value.

As a candle consumer yourself, you also deserve the best. Your candle should be top shelf, no shortcuts and no excuses. Waxsmith Candles confidently displays these same characteristics. When you buy a Waxsmith Candle, you can be confident that there were no shortcuts taken and no expense spared in your product. I also believe a candle should look as magnificent as it performs and that is why Waxsmith Candles have a timeless and refined look to them, sure to complement their surroundings wherever they might end up!

I expect a lot out of my products and you should too, thank you for allowing me to make your day a little bit better.

100% soy wax farmed right in the United States. Soy because it can bond with a higher volume of oil than other waxes. It’s a 100% renewable resource that was growing in the ground not even a year ago. It is a biodegradable water-soluble product that includes zero toxins, herbicides, or pesticides. It is as clean a product as you will find, and 100% made in the USA.
Soybean Sunrise

We use high quality oils in our soy wax that have all been formulated to perform at their best in soy. The oils consist of natural essential oils blended with synthetic aroma chemicals to produce spot on scents of your favorite flowers, fruits, and foods. Some of our candles are even made with 100% pure oils using distillation methods to extract the oil.

Our wicks are made of 100% cotton. After the cotton is harvested and cleaned, it is spun, braided, and finally dipped in an all-natural wax coating.
Cotton Field

The finished product is an all natural hand forged wax candle that has been refined to give you a clean and timeless look. Made by candle lovers FOR candle lovers.


Located in the heart of Raleigh, NC, the Waxsmith Candle Company doesn’t look much different than your11046470_10206567711813977_7774421739399642232_o everyday American family. Our names are Travis and Lauren Stevens, we have two beautiful children who think every candle we make smells like cake. We love candles and meeting other people who do too. I am a manager within the mortgage industry during the day, a dad when I get off work and throughout the evening, and then I become the waxsmith at night, forging wax and oils together for you to enjoy!