Lemon cake

Lemon Pound Cake


A mouthwatering scent of lemon and pound cake, it is the crème de la crème of the desert line. It is absolutely amazing, you will find no resemblance to a lemon cleaning scent, only a lemon bakery scent exists here.

Custom Initial Wax Seal

All Candle Jars come standard with the Waxsmith ‘W’ initial for free. You can customize your jar with a different initial below for an additional $2.00.

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Additional Information

Weight .18 lbs
Dimensions 4" x 2.75" Wide x 1" Tall
Burn Time

Approximately 45 Hours (9.5oz Jar), Approximately 80 Hours (16oz Jar)


16oz Jar, 2.75oz Wax Casting, 9.50oz Jar


Two coreless cotton braided wicks (only for 9.5oz Jars)


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